FIRST OF ALL, Let me CLARIFY that Funkanatomy is a word made up BY MEEEEEEE!!! That little pink man in the circle too is something which was created with the help the talented Guneet Narula. Since I love that little pink man to death and want NO ONE ELSE TO HAVE HIM (or the name Funkanatomy) I have applied for Trademark. The application is currently awaiting approval. So please. Even though you might love the little man so much, you might want to pass him off as your own, don’t. Coz I am a jealous and protective owner.



and I keel you.



Funkanatomy started out as a hobby which people liked and wanted to be a part of. Tired of the mass produced earrings being sold for ridiculous amounts in the market, I decided to make my own earrings.  Over time when my friends saw my earrings, they liked what they saw and asked where they could buy a pair of their own!



This website is where you can buy earrings, interact with other people who love earrings, make your own, faff around, read about my silly exploits. and interact with me as well! I love hearing from the people who buy my earrings and would be delighted to answer any questions you have about the site, making earrings or just life in general! The connection I have with people who like and buy things made by me is really important to me, and it’s something that’s lacking in today’s world. How many people can say, I know the person who made something I am wearing? And how many people can say they designed something they are wearing and it didn’t cost them a BOMB?



Remember! whatever information you share with us – your email address, address, phone number etc are safe with me. I promise not to go all stalker on you (Unless you are Joseph Gordon Levitt of course.. then toh I am sorry. I will probably stalk you.) I will under no conditions sell your info to an advertising firm. I understand the pain of being on the receiving end of these stupid advertising companies. I am really annoyed that the only messages I get these days are from



1. Real estate firms – selling me things I will not be able to afford (unless I marry Joseph Gordon Levitt)

2. Slimming potions peddlers – HAH.

3. People trying to sell things to help with my height – I stopped growing in the 8th standard.

4. Elocution teachers encouraging me to join some classes to get better at public speaking. (WHAT?)



Though these texts make me feel wanted for about 2 seconds (when the phone vibrates, BEFORE i get to look at the screen) they also make me question my self worth. *I* lovely funkonaughts, will never make you question your sense of self worth.



So, welcome to the funk family! Hope you have FUN while you’re here!