1. Why don’t you make more than one or two pairs of a certain earring?

One major reason why I have a limited amount of a certain pair of earrings is that the earrings I make are made with beads bought from all over the place! They might come from a necklace I bought on holiday, or something I happen to come across while shopping for clothes in sarojini! My friends and family also know I love beads and often bring me back some from their travels. The wonderful thing about this is that I have a limited number of a certain kind of bead and can only make say, a pair or maybe two out of them! These become unique one of a kind earrings, which I can never repeat unless by some stroke of luck I happen to stumble upon them again!

Since I sit and make earrings by hand, they take a bit of time and I like changing up my style and challenging myself to come up with new designs and see how many different ways I can use a certain bead (if I have looooooads of the same kind). I think that that is something inherently human! Otherwise there would be ZERO variety in life and life would be so boring na? I get REALLY annoyed when people wear the same shirt or have the same bag as me! I think there’s a bit of excitement involved when I know I own something NO ONE else has! Or maybe only 5 other people in the world have something similar to what I have!

2. When do you deliver?

Confirmed orders are sent out every Monday post 12 pm and should reach you in a week. Any order placed AFTER 4 pm on Sunday will be shipped the FOLLOWING Monday and should reach you the within that week.

3. What do you use to send packages? And what do you charge?!?!?

For deliveries within India – We use DTDC, Shri Tirupati courier, Trackon Courier services, Madhur Courier and Professional courier services. All of which are trusted service providers – we chose the service providers based on which would be able to deliver the products at the most cost effective price.

Shipping charges depend entirely on where the products are being shipped. Places like Delhi, NCR have free shipping, while many of the tier one cities is 50Rs- 70rs, and the further away you are chances are the more the courier will cost, but worry not, the cost of the courier services will be displayed before you make your final purchase.

For international Deliveries, we use DTDC, Aramex and DHL (depending on the comfort of the customer and costs at which they’re provided) – It’s best to get in touch with me in case you wish to ship abroad, a custom order will be made for the same after discussing whatever options are available.


4. What if they break or lose the product bought?

I will personally Tae kwon do their BUTTS. But seriously, we take the utmost care to ensure that your product reaches you without any damage. If in case the product has been damaged or lost, we DO do replacements. Please check the product before signing. If the product has been damaged, please do not accept the package and email me the tracking number of the courier. We will look into the matter and replace the item at the earliest.

5. Do you make studs?

YES WE DOOOOO!!! Silver hooks option is not applicable to studs, rings and necklaces!

6. I think your earrings are expensive. Don’t you think so?

Breaking it down, the cost of the earrings are inclusive of the raw materials, and the cost of keeping the website secure so that you can use your debit/credit card without fearing it is unsafe. Security is expensive! And I do apologize if you think the prices are too extravagant. We have taken every possible measure to keep the initial costs of the earrings down.

 7. I am allergic to all metals other than silver and gold. But I still really like your earrings and I want to buy and wear them. I do not want my kill my ears though, what can I do?

Have no fear! In case your skin is sensitive and breaks out every time it comes into contact with metals that are not precious, when you are scrolling through the earrings, you get two options – 1. add to cart and 2. select options – Once you click on select options, you are taken to the earring page where you can select hook type to be silver for an additional cost of Rs. 50 a pair!

8. Can you make me 50 pairs of the same kind of earring and mail it to me by next week?

Oooooooooh! FIFTY pairs! I am seriously FLATTERED you like that design so much, but I don’t think this would be possible. I normally do not make more than 5 pairs or a specific kind of earring because most of the times, I simply don’t have the raw material to do so. I do not mass produce earrings. They are all hand made.

9. You seem like you’re superhuman! You shouldn’t need a WHOLE week to finish posting a design to me! I want my earrings NOW NOW NOW!!!

Though some people might THINK I am superhuman and possess superhuman powers, there are just some things I might not be able to control.

  1. The courier service being lame.
  2. The unavailability of certain beads.
  3. Taking time to complete customized orders.

Since I insist on making each earring myself and replying to people when they mail me, I might take time with the customised orders and in replying to you – I also work during the day (and not on Funkanatomy) , so please don’t get mad if I don’t get back to you immediately!

  10. I want to send a pair as a gift, I also want to BUY a pair for myself. Can i get the present delivered to the person I want to surprise?

Of course! EVERYONE loves receiving presents! ESPECIALLY if they’re delivered to you and you’re not expecting them 😛 !  In case you want to buy a pair for yourself, as well as a few to gift a friend, all you have to do is MAKE SURE you place SEPARATE orders (depending on however many people you want to gift earrings to).

Make sure you write the address and phone number of the giftee in the address provided.

The reason we’re making you place different orders is to make sure that the correct pair goes to the correct person!! We sent e-receipts to the people who BUY the earrings, so don’t worry about there being price tags attached to them!!

 11. HEY! The bead on my earring is not a perfect circle/square/ is chipped! Or the bead on ONE earring is bigger than the bead on the other one! I want to exchange and I want everything to be PERFECTLY IN PROPORTION.

Hmm… I understand your angst at the beads not being perfect. But keep in mind, that the beads are all unique. They might have a flaw or two, but it only adds to their beauty. Kind of like humans no?

12. I do not LIKE the earrings I bought. what is your return and exchange policy ?

Well, that leaves us in a tricky position, since there is no actual DAMAGE to the product. I BEG you to be absolutely SURE before placing the order since we’re NOT a big company, and in order to keep the costs down, we’ve sacrificed certain amenities like cash on delivery/ partial refund of money. The company is LITERALLY one person (i.e.) me who is doing the designing/ making/ packaging the orders..and returning earrings would be more trouble than it’s worth. In case you REALLY do NOT like what you have purchased, write me an email, and you can courier the earrings back to me in the box you received them in to the address I will provide you with. I will send you a discount coupon which will be the amount of the returned earrings + the courier charges. 🙂