Here are a couple of pointers to make shopping on a little easier for you!

Go through these topics and you will understand more about how orders are processed! If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact me!



Step 1. Go to Buy

Step 2. Select the studs, necklaces and rings you want to purchase by clicking “Add to Cart”. For EARRINGS, you will notice you the “select option” indicator. Click on that to add to cart, but only after being given a choice of whether you want silver hooks or regular hooks. Silver hooks come at an additional cost of Rs. 50 per pair. If you want to get a closer look at the product itself, simply click on the picture to be taken to the earring/ ring/ necklace/ stud’s product page. Once the product is added to cart, a small bubble with a number in it (denoting the number of items in your cart) pops up, this means you have stuff in your cart!

Step 3. When you are done shopping, click on the shopping cart and select the option “Checkout” to be taken to the checkout page – where you can directly fill in your details and place your order. In case you want to view your shopping cart and delete a few products (DON’T – Just buy them all 😛 ) you could click on the “View cart option and make the necessary changes!

Step 4. Once you click fill in your details, Select “Place your order”.

5. When you Click on “Place your order”, You will be taken to a secure page where you can choose your preferred mode of payment.Be very careful here as any mistake will lead to your transaction being declined and that will lead to two sad people 🙁 – me and you.

Once your transaction goes through with your bank, you will be redirected back to 🙂 – to SHOP MORE or to read my blog!


Earring Length & Weight

Weight and size meters – what are they? WHAT ARE THEY!?!?!

The Weight and Size meters are the little filled out/unfilled circles on each earring page. These are actually vague estimations of how heavy or light the earrings are and how big or small they are.  We must warn you though that these are rough estimations. Starting from 1  which is the lightest/smallest possible to 5 (all five circles coloured in) which of course are the heaviest/longest/largest earrings.

+ Length meter:

The earrings are roughly around the size as the meter says. single filled circle would mean the earring is 1 or 2cm long . Two full circles would mean that the earrings is roughly 2.5 cms. Five coloured circles would obviously mean they are the largest of the bunch and could be anywhere between 5-6cms long. They rarely if at all go beyond that measurement. In many pictures, I have tried to take a picture with the earings resting against my fingers to give you a rough idea of how big/small they are. LOOK OUT for these pictures! Sometimes, I may have pictures of people (i.e. me and others who have bought the same pair) up for you to get a rough idea of the earring’s size.

+ Weight meter:

This one is slightly more tricky to explain, so I’ll keep it simple –

1 – super light – Light

2 – Kind of light

3 – not so light/ not so heavy

4 – Kind of heavy

5 – Heavy

Please don’t kill me for my vagueness, but it’s really the best i could do!


Quantities in Orders


Our customers are allowed to buy only one earring of a particular design. This is to ensure that other people have a chance at buying the same design as I do not make more that a few of the same design. PLUS, I have decided to prevent people from buying their daughters two of the same kind of earring (I have an older sister and my mom used to do that ALL THE TIME!) Everyone is unique! Why should they have the same earrings .. right? 😀



Orders received up till Sunday 6 pm every week are sent out the next day, that is, Monday and should reach you within a week. Any order placed AFTER 6 pm on Sunday will be processed in the next batch of orders.

Payment Options

We currently provide internet banking for all banks and the following debit and credit cards:

+ Credit Cards:


American Express

Diners Club Card

JCB card


+ Debit Cards:

Any Bank Mastercard/Visa Debit Card (VbV – Verifed)


+ Netbanking

For almost all banks


+ Mobile Wallets:








GPay (Tez)


BHIM – Bharat Interface for money

“Other UPI apps” – where you can enter your UPI id and Pay!

Transaction Security and Confirmation


To help with the payment transactions, we are working in collaboration with INSTAMOJO. When you decide to pay for the items in the happy shopping cart, you will be taken to another page – provided by INSTAMOJO. The page on which the transactions take place are secured and you needn’t worry about your credit/Debit card details being leaked. Your safety and security online are important to us.


+ Successful Transactions

Once your transaction is successfully processed, you will get a confirmation mail/electronic invoice from INSTAMOJO in your inbox and your order will be scheduled for shipping soon! Till then, celebrate this success by ordering a few more pairs of earrings 😉

+ What happens if my transaction gets declined?!

Well the first thing that happens is I get a frown on my face 🙁

Unless you have actually cancelled your transaction after checkout, there are a few possible reasons for transactions to get declined, such as

1. The bank’s server timed out – due to any delays in data communication between the bank’s server and your computer, the authentication process can fail
2. A weak internet connection – there was a loss of information that you put in
3. There was a mistake in the account / card information used or the bank’s authentication server was down

Even if your transaction gets declined, we save your order details with us (not forever though 😛 ).

If you’d like to re-try the transaction process for your current order, mail ASAP with the subject “Reprocess my order” and we’ll mail back the instructions.

If you think your transaction actually went through, then check your account statement for any debit transaction in the name of for the same amount and date. Mail if you find that the transaction was successful! We will take up the matter with your bank and ship your Funkalicious order really soon!


Offline Modes of Payment: Direct bank transfers


SO YOU HATE online transactions and technology HATES YOU! Don’t worry, we got youuu. We have set up a direct bank to bank transfer mode of payment! HOW does this work you say? There are two ways.

Once you add earrings to your cart,  go to your shop cart fill in all your information and press “checkout”. On the next page, you will have an order ID and a summary of your entire order.  If you want to go in for a direct transfer, mail me mentioning your order ID. If it’s possible, use the same email ID filled on form to email me!

Once I get your mail, I will reserve the  earrings for you for a period of 8 days and mail you instructions on how to transfer funds to  Funkanatomy through National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT). The same are given below

1. If you have a net banking account with your bank, log into it and through the transfers section, make a NEFT – National Electronic Fund Transfer. The details you need, are given below! Let me know AS SOON as you complete the transaction so that I can ready your package and send it off the following Monday!

2. If you don’t have a net banking account, GET ONE! (coz it makes online shopping so much easier!) OR… Go to your bank branch within those 8 days and fill out the form for a fund transfer (NEFT). Use the following details to fill out that form! And email me as soon as you get access to the internet! 😀

Bank name – Bank of Baroda

Bank branch – Chanakyapuri Branch

Account name – Funkanatomy

Account number – 00940200000497

Account type – Current Account

Bank IFSC code – BARB0CHANAK (that’s a Zero in the middle! not a lower case ‘o’ 🙂 )


You’re STILL READING THIS?!?!? What’re you waiting for? Go. Buy stuff. 🙂