As the year comes to an end, you find yourself looking back on the year that was. The people you met, the friends you made, the friends you lost, the friends you re discovered and you think back on all the relationship cultivated over the years.

You grow close to a lot of people in life. Some you may maintain that feeling of closeness to… and others, well, something happens and you cease to be close anymore. It’s almost like a break up. You get so close to that person that their absence leaves a hole in your life.

Why does a breakdown of a friendship feel like a breakdown of a relationship anyway? The answer is pretty simple. You love that person, and they’ve made themselves a comfy little place in your heart and when circumstances decide your time is up, they up and leave, taking with them a piece of your heart. The piece in which they made themselves comfortable for the amount of time the two of you were close.

Friends are the family you choose for yourself. They might not be around as much as you would like them to be, but true friends are the ones who you can turn to in your time of need. People who you might not have met for years and years, but when you finally meet them, it seems as though it was just yesterday you were together gossiping about some crap which would make no sense for a person who hasn’t shared the same experiences that bind the two of you together.

True friends never put you down. There might be people in the family or people you know who would put you down, but these aren’t your friends or REAL family- especially those who put you down to build themselves up. They’re like weeds, who feed on strong and healthy plants – chipping away at one’s sense of self worth – leaving you to question yourself – your abilities, your physical appearance, your sense of self worth.

Such a relationship is damaging in so many ways, and though one might not really think it would have a lasting effect on one’s psyche, it usually does. It’s best to steer clear of people like these.

Be thankful for those friends who celebrates your success, encourages you to keep going and stay strong in times of failure. Who are around and want to be associated with you regardless of your standing in society or the money that you earn or the job that you do. Try not being obnoxious and behaving in a way that would drive them away. In your efforts to avoid being friends with people who put you down, don’t turn into one yourself.

Flight of the Conchords sang it beeeest!