A few days back, I returned from work only to notice my room smelt kind of funny.

It kind of smelt like dog pee.

My father has this theory that whenever Leo feels emotionally or psychologically unstable, he pees in my room – this makes sense because a week ago, our housekeeper – who happened to be a very close friend of Leo’s went home for good.

Understandably I was furious with Leo (my dog) and looked everywhere for the source of the pee. I could not find it. It was one in the morning and I changed the sheets gave Leo a scolding and tried to go to bed.  Every time I turned to face the middle of my bed, the pee smell would get stronger.

I did not sleep well that night.

The next morning I went to work and before leaving I took all my bedding and put it in the sun to air.

When I returned… something told me I should check the plug point I use for the heater…(it is located right behind my bed). The sight that met me was not pretty. There was a loose connection and it practically burnt right through the following:

The plug attached to the heater AND

  1. Multi plug attached to the plug attached to the heater…too complicated? Here’s a picture (or five) – .


The plastic from the two fused together. THIS was the source of the smell of dog pee in my bed.  My dog walked in at this precise moment and gave me the following look – (without the glasses)



So for all you pet owners out there… If you think you pet has peed in your room, first check  for evidence. If none is found, check the electrical sockets in your room. Chances are you’ve almost burnt your house down.

P.S. I am STILL apologizing to Leo.



“Burninating the countryside” is part of a song which is not my intellectual property. The true credit goes to this really cool guy called strongbad and a dragon called Trogdor the Burninator. Visit here for whole video and song