So I’m not winning an award or anything (YET) but I thought I’d practice my speech making ON my Blog … you know, just in case I DO win an award in the future!


Mum and Dad: Duh. Without these two amazing people in my life, there would BE no Funkanatomy.For all you know, I could grown up to be really dull and boring and with no sense of creativity if it weren’t for them. Growing up, I thought I was a creative GENIUS!


My mom would insist on FRAMING pictures I made (even if they were crap)  and clapping every time I did something like sticking chopsticks up my mouth and pretend to be a walrus. She thought I was oh so creative for using chopsticks for something other than eating (She wasn’t all too impressed when we went to fancy Chinese restaurants for dinner though) if it weren’t for her, I would have never believed in myself enough to actually think what I created would be something other people might appreciate as well. She is also responsible for buying about 100+ earrings from through the years, (yes, I make my mom BUY earrings from me).









Dad was more quiet in his support – buying random strings of beads whenever he went on a business trip (bless him) and not firing me when I took three months to complete work which would normally take ONE month (yes, he is my boss. VERY COOL AND AWESOME boss I might add)














Piya – my AMAZING sister, for believing in me enough to PUSH me into starting She started it all really, by peddling my first attempts at earrings while she was doing her undergrad!













Guneet, Gaurav and Samuel: Oh how I LOVE these boys. I went to school with these three and little did I know that one day they would be instrumental in making my DREAM a reality. Guneet is the Web designer extraordinaire, Samuel the one who translates these amazing designs into computer speak and figures out how to get my website to do maths FOR me and Gaurav is the logistical genius!  They also had to deal with random messages at odd hours of the night – often just being sentence fragments and at times just GIBBERISH (i was half asleep and was using dictionary… we’ve ALL been there) Guneet and Gaurav have accompanied me all over Delhi and the NCR submitting forms, figuring out what the HELL I am supposed to do in terms of setting up Funkanatomy, talking to government officials and generally giving me the support I needed to make Funkanatomy a reality. No matter how unreasonable my demands (and believe me, there were some WHOPPERS) All three rose to the challenge!


Leo, my silly doggy for not EATING all my beads and things. 😛










If I start writing everyone’s names down, this post will probably never end. I cannot forget all the wonderful PEOPLE I have been blessed to have in my life. Regardless of which part of the world they are currently in, or how busy they get, they have always been there for me and many have been bullied into buying stuff made by me over the years.


I LOVE each and EVERY one of them with all my heart!


Welcome to the funk family! I cannot WAIT to get to know YOU!