Back in college, I was part of a band.

It was on of the first days of college, and we had just finished with our orientation when the teachers left us to the mercy of the English Honors seniors. All us facchas (first years) were asked to line up on the auditorium stage and one by one, we were asked to do ridiculous things.

I happened to be wearing an RHCP tshirt and one of the seniors sitting somewhere at the back went ” YOU! faccha wearing the RHCP tshirt. Sing us a song of theirs.” To which i cockily responded, “I don’t sing. I play bass.” The senior looked to the person sitting on her right and called me down from the stage. *awww man. why did I have to be such a smartmouth?!?!* Barely a day in, I was already in trouble with the seniors. I made my way toward the two and waited for the on slaught.

“You play bass???”


“Do you HAVE a bass?”


“ok. good. do you want to be part of our band?”

And that was that. Of course I did have to go for a jam session or two, but since I could hold down a beat and wasn’t completely tone deaf, I became part of my first band post school 😀


Today, the senior who told me to sing a song is getting married and I am super duper excited for her! 😀 Back in first year, we co wrote a song together. over msn chat. god i love this song to pieces. It was the first ever original composition we attempted to make. enjoy! 🙂