They say sisters are the best friends you’re born with. And this is me agreeing wholeheartedly with that statement. Maybe we didn’t get along so well as children – (there were fights where I bit her and fights where i would find her foot being shoved into my mouth…) but when you grow older, they become your confidant, friend, sounding board and support system.



I might try to deny it so as to not make her head swell 😛 I look up to her! And I’ve always done so ever since I was little.

She makes everything ever so much MORE fun! And believes in me even when *I* don’t! If it weren’t for her, I’d have never launched Funkanatomy! She managed to sell the earrings I made when I had just started (in class 10). Honestly, I’m not really sure how she did it (because they were quite crap) but it’s that gesture that made me think that yeah… maybe some time in the future, I’ll be able to do this for a living! 😀

There might be times when I get annoyed with her, but all i have to do is remind myself of the times she’s foregone certain things just to make me happy and I may not have understood she was giving anything up at that point in time… (case in point – the picture below)

All I’m saying is, I love my sister! And if I had the chance to CHOOSE who my sister would be – it would always be her!


BOY am I glad you were born today! And to the same family I was being born into 😛