Meet Sharkie.



He’s amazing.

I rescued him from a sweatshirt rack in Sarojini. I was first attracted to him when I saw all the funky stuff ON him – the illuminati symbol, the boombox, the boxing gloves, the diamonds (to name a few things) then I saw that he had some scary smile on his hood.. and some really strange eyes as well…

I decided to buy him anyway and asked the guy selling him to me if it would be possible for me to exchange him in case I changed my mind about him. I nearly exchanged him when I walked past the rack on my way out of Sarojini… but thankfully my friend, talked some sense into me.

I got home and tried Sharkie on, I realized that the Zipper zips all the way to the top… and Sharkie revealed himself to me!

He never fails to entertain every time I bring him out and of course, EVERYONE wants a picture with him! He makes a fun party even FUNNER and man, don’t even get me started on his amazing Dance moves!

In the end, Sharkie taught me a very important lesson.

He taught me the importance of never judging a book by its cover.