I like to think that people themselves are not inherently bad. Its circumstances that make them make bad decisions leading to them being perceived as bad. I am aware that a lot of people might think that’s a pretty naive view of the world, but they’re entitled to their opinion as I am to mine.

I always have believed that people come into your life to teach you. For me, the experiences you have lead to shaping you as a person. A lot of the times these experience are brought about by the people who are a part of your life. You might have known them for ages, or you might have intereacted with them for a tiny amount of time required for the experience to take place, the duration of time you are exposed to them doesn’t really matter.. .I’m not saying that these experiences will ALL be pleasant. Sometimes, they might be quite traumatizing and hurtful but even those events tell us a little more about the kind of person we are… maybe sometimes, they show us what kind of person we should strive to be.

These unpleasant experiences are the ones which make us stop and think. They might confuse us and upset us… but maybe this emotional turmoil is good. It means you’re not coasting along and letting life “happen” to you. Maybe they’re helpful signposts pointing you in the direction your life is supposed to take.


Mt. Abu 2013