The Vas Family recently grew by one tiny puppy.


World, meet Ozzy Vas.


He might seem like a little ball of cuddlefuzz (which he totally is) but there’s a tiny little monster who lurks just under the surface … (Kind of like the cookie monster)

He entered into our lives about four and a half weeks ago… I was woken up by my sister who walked into my room with this little ball of fur… I thought I was still dreaming (remember I was half asleep at the point). She then explained how she saw this tiny thing almost get run over by a truck just outside our house and she decided to pick him up and bring him home.

My first thought was “ OH GOD!!! LEO IS GOING TO EAT HIM!!!”

Don’t get me wrong… Leo’s a fabulous kind, loving, understanding dog… but being an only child for 7 years and never actually been socialized with other dogs EVER wasn’t doing anyone any favours! Ozzy being bite sized didn’t help either. For the first few days, everyone was pretty disturbed at the way Leo would lick his lips while looking at Ozzy.. but he never once did him any harm.

It’s absolutely brilliant to see the two of them together. One’s a scrappy lil mutt from the streets while another is a gentle giant.. Leo, in fear of getting scolded for hurting oz tends to keep his distance…Ozzy on the other hand couldn’t really give a shit about Leo and what he’s doing because he knows he’s pretty safe.

The other day, my mom was scolding Ozzy for going for being a puppy pisspot and peeing all over the house and Ozzy was all like…



While Leo … was almost tripping over himself going round and round in circles going…


The two of them are getting along well now, and I’m sure Leo can’t wait to actually be able to play with Ozzy…once he stops being bite size… the two of them eat out of EACH OTHERS’ BOWLS…

Here’s hoping that Ozzy is the Robin to Leo’s Batdog … and the next comic I make will have the BOTH of them in it. Fighting crime… one cookie at a time.



Buds. <3