The following is a blog entry I wrote when I wanted to motivate myself into getting fit. I have such a wonderful imagination-







So I’ve been consuming a DISGUSTING amount of chips and savoury snacks lately which make me ASHAMED and kind of reminds me of myself back when I was 13 and addicted to chips (I promise to elaborate in another blog post). Usually, I would not care so much, but it’s my cousin’s wedding in a month and a bit and I have decided to wear a Sari.



I’ve always figured the Sari is the most amazing form of clothing out there. It flatters EVERY body type and it will always be something I will wear on a special occasion. I DID want to wear a dress, but I cannot seem to FIND any dresses which inspire me to BUY THEM. Ok. I’m going off topic here.



Basically, Me + tonnes of chips = NOT GREAT LOOKING IN SARI or wedding pictures + will have to endure family members saying, “OH MY GOD KIRIN YOU HAVE PUT ON SO MUCH WEIGHT!” (They remember me as a 17 year old. Please refer to picture to REGISTER why I find it ridiculous that they think I STILL look like that.)




(Pictured above with beautiful mother and older sister) – Guys, I don’t look like this anymore. I sometimes wish i did, but I don’t. I mean, I’m not even SUPPOSED to look like that. A 22 year old shouldn’t have a 17 year old’s body. if they do, then something is wrong.



So I’m going to ATTEMPT to go on a diet.



Well, Not exactly a diet, but I am going to BAN self from eating chips and junk food and exercise regularly and eat PROPER HEALTHY meals (And NO I DO NOT THINK SALAD counts as a meal- NEITHER IS A SANDWICH – those two count as starter/side and snack respectively). I will write my fitness routine for one week down HERE and see how well I manage to maintain it.



Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (7:30 am – 8:30am):


30 minutes treadmill

Floor exercises


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday ( 6:30pm – 8:00pm)


Taekwondo (or REX KWON DO as a friend of mine likes to call it… Napoleon Dynamite reference… say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???)



I am NOTORIOUSLY lazy and require the possibility of public ridicule and scorn (ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB) as a means for motivation.



Tomorrow is the 11th of July. I begin from tomorrow.






Update on the 11th of August




I did none of the above.



I have decided I will look fabulous whatever I eat since I AM afterall wearing a sari and it is such an amazing piece of cloth it disguises any excessive lumps and bumps I might have (other than those which are supposed to be there of course)






The Sari is Awesome.