Kids are pretty honest in their assessment of a person’s character. They cut right through the crap and tell you what’s on their mind. Here’s what my sister had to say about me when she was about  8 years old. 😛

“My name is Piya and I have a little sister. Her name is Kirin. She is 3 years old. She looks like Mama but a little like me.

When she gets up in the morning she does not like to brush her teeth. After breakfast, she plays with the blocks and then the doll house. And at lunch she wants dada to tell stories and in between she changes the story. After lunch, when dada is resting she breaks things and leaves the fridge door open and then says I never did it.

In the evening we go to the terrace at 5:00 and then come back at 7:00. When she comes down, she cries for cartoons. She likes the Little Mermaid, Tom and Jerry, Micky and Donald, Rianbow and Winnie the Poop. And in the night she asks for stories again.

She is very naughty but very sweet and I love her very much.


So what’s changed in 20 years? NOT A LOT.

I still love stories. I still cry for cartoons. I still break things and I still leave the fridge door open and say I didn’t do it. (ok .. maybe not the last part)
Thankfully, I have gotten over my dislike for teeth brushing.