There was MOSHING. There was CROWD SURFING. There was JUMPING. And there was so so so much JOY. There were people sneaking past the formidable bouncers on stage to give kisses and hugs to Manu Chao who carried on performing … only to stop to tell the bouncers to NOT handle his fans roughly as they were escorted off stage!

Dance with me.


People of different nationalities, speaking different languages came together on the 25th Night to watch Manu Chao live in concert. These are images from this concert.

 look at him soar!



I have never been to a concert with a higher level of energy.  EVER.  Manu Chao and his men really know how to work up the crowd into a state of absolute frenzy and leave them begging for more.

High energy musicians = high energy Crowd.




spreading love and happiness


Me Gusta Manu Chao. Me Gusta Tu.