I just wanted to write and remind you what an amazing person you are.

You deserve NOTHING but the best.

You might be completely miserable right now and you might feel lonely – like there’s NO ONE out there for you. But in your heart, you know that’s not true.

Everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences. Good or bad, you have been extremely blessed in life.

You will find someone who truly deserves you. Who deserves the love you can’t wait to shower on them. You have the right to wait for someone who thinks and believes that you are their world. Just as your world will revolve around them, theirs will revolve around you. They will know when you are sad – without you crying. They will know you are angry without you saying a word. They will know how much you love them by seeing it in your actions. They will mend your broken heart and think you are beautiful when you are sick, old and wrinkly

And you will be happy.

oh. And…