Everyone from a certain generation remembers watching the roadrunner show… The main theme of the show is basically the coyote tries to catch a super fast road runner and FAILS every time, regardless of whichever technologically “enhanced” (thanks Acme) harebrained scheme the coyote manages to come up with and try to implement.



A few days ago someone on my facebook friends’ list posted the following picture: (Thanks Colleen!)


What I find interesting about the picture above is the statement “My whole childhood was a big lie”



You know what I think? I don’t think my entire childhood was a lie. I think that the coyote was not aware or confident of his own abilities and THAT was the LEADING cause for constant failure. This cartoon, ultimately taught us not ONE but TWO very important things.



  1. Never give up.
  2. We may have skills, but if we have no confidence in ourselves, those skills go to waste.



I also think that the coyote wasn’t actually KEEN on catching the road runner. Once he caught the road runner then what? It was all just an excuse to order crazy new inventions from Acme (WHICH IS AN ACTUAL COMPANY by the way) and figure out new ingenious ways to trap the road runner – all of which would ultimately FAIL anyway. What’s that famous saying? What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger, and in the case of the coyote, much much MUCH more entertaining to watch.



Ultimately, there’s a very thin line which separates brilliant innovation and absolute failure… Maybe we just didn’t get around to watching the episode in which the coyote finally catches the roadrunner?! (chances are, he’s be so flabbergasted at it happening, he’ll release the road runner and do a victory dance – forgetting all about the road runner in the process.)



Till the time that happens though, I’ll keep rooting for you Wiley-E- Coyote. <3