I was pretty miserable exactly one year ago. I had just moved back home after finishing my Masters’ in the UK, my social circle had pretty much reconstructed itself to make sure my presence wasn’t essential, I was back in a city I associated with a boyfriend of four years I had recently broken up with, there had been a health scare in the family and to top it all off, I had no CLUE what the hell I was going to do with my life.



Turns out I did alright.



It got me thinking, no matter how crap the situation you are in is, at a given point in time – things will always get better.  If things don’t get better then at least something good comes out of it! And if nothing else, it will just make you appreciate what you have and open your eyes to how fortunate you are as compared to a majority of the people in the world.



2011 gave me a lot to be thankful for – a loving family all in good health, amazing friends who believe in me to such an extent they make me believe in myself, and last but CERTAINLY not the least, it gave me Funkanatomy. Through Funkanatomy I gained an amazingly loving and supportive virtual family.



I hope 2012 brings you all the love, laughs and happiness you ever wanted. It’s what I would wish for every single person in the world.



Happy New Year!