ERMAGAHSH. I am DYING of suspense. I was recently on an Air India flight on which I decided to watch a movie with Jitendra, Shabana Azmi and Rekha… where Shabana was a money lenders’ daughter and Rekha was a car mechanics daughter and the two were best friends/ soulmates who were both in love with another car mechanic i.e. Jitendra  (but hadn’t told each other)

Jitu (Jitendra’s too long to type) is clearly in love with Rekha… and Rekha with Jitu.. and it rains and suddenly Rekha is preggers with Jitu’s baby. When she goes to confide in her best friend about her predicament, Shabana’s all OMG I am in love with Jitu… and Rekha friend keeps her trap shut about being pregnant because FRIENDSHIP.

Shabana’s dad for some reason hated Jitendra and kept wanting to ruin him and kept sending goons to destroy the car workshop Jitu worked in which was in front of Shabana’s house and is ultimately really pissed off because Shabana’s all like “Dad I want to marry your sworn enemy.” (even though she hasn’t really spoken to Jitu about it.

Rekha in the mean time is doing her best to avoid Jitu and Jitu’s all like “why are you ignoring me?” and while Rekha is running away from Jitu, she trips and rolls down a hill, proceeding to hit her head on the only pointy rock in the park and ultimately loses the baby (which no one knows about)

Shabana ends up getting diagnosed with lung cancer and keeps coughing up blood and her dad’s all like oh shit. She’s going to die without getting married. So decides to get her married to his enemy i.e. love of Shabana’s life.

The love triangle comprising of Shabana – Rekha and Jitu was a pretty complicated one involving each one wanting Jitu to marry the other (shabana because she overheard Jitu confessing undying love for Rekha) and Rekha coz Shabana had confided in Rekha that she loved Jitu) Meanwhile Shabana’s driver (OMG OM PURI) totally has a thing for Rekha and as an ultimate sacrifice Rekha asks him to marry her even though she almost had Jitu’s baby so that the coast is clear for Shabana to marry Jitu.

When Jitu goes to ask Shabana to marry him she starts laughing and tells him to go and marry Rekha. ULTIMATELY. Jitu tries to get to Rekha and Om puri’s wedding … but is stopped by a group of louts who attack him with Little bo peep’s staff while riding motorbikes. AT THE SAME TIME, Shabana’s dad for some reason tells his crone to burn down the wedding (Rekha and Om puri’s) so by the time Jitu has fended off Bo beeps’ black sheep, and reached the venue, three of the people who matter most to him (on the basis of how he tells everyone he’ll kill anyone who hurts them) are trapped in a burning room. I got to the point where Jitu manages to get in the burning room and is in the middle of it holding the three women who matter most to him… and then they cut to Shabana azmi staggering down the road while coughing up blood and then air India STOPPED THE TRANSMISSION coz we LANDED.

HOW WILL I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?! I DONT KNOW WHAT MOVIE THIS IS!!! DOES EVERYONE DIE? Because that would just be another Game of Thrones and I don’t think I can handle that right now.