Hello you beautiful people!



Now, be honest, how many of you have desktops which are lying at home which are perfectly functional, but NO ONE in your house uses them?



I’m asking because a friend of mine, has been working with the children of the nomadic hunting gathering Baheliya Community and these kids are learning computers in a WWF initiative summer school and are the FIRST GENERATION of this communtiy to receive any sort of education in this area. They are currently learning on a computer provided by the WWF but will loose access to the computer once the camp is over.



The friend has been able to to get his hands on one desktop computer but is in need of another one (one for each hostel – girls and boys) to be able to keep the learning process active. He himself will set up the computer so you can be assured there won’t disappear and not get to the kids!



So I ask you to PLEASE, take out the time to just check if anyone has a desktop computer (WHICH WORKS) and they wouldn’t mind donating to these kids! Circulate this blog post faaar and wide so that we can get these kids a desktop comp!






P.S. He needs it by SUNDAY! The 27th of MAY! COME OOOOOON! WE CAN DO IT!



ANYONE Who wants to get in touch to help Can either mail me on kirin@funkanatomy.com OR TWEEEET MEEEE @KirinMcawesome


Friend was kind enough to bring back some lovely beads which will soon be featured on the site.




UPDATE: Here’s a picture of all the wonderful kids we helped!