Photo Credit: Kirin Vas – with a little help from instagram. (please do not steal)


Part of my life, part of yours

Best in groups of threes or fours

making meetings entertaining

Hardly to our lives news pertaining.




“Ooooh have you heard?”


“In WHO’S bed did that skank lay?”

“He did WHAT?”

“I never KNEW!”

“The day he was born, he’ll come to RUE!!! “




Meet the parents, Jealousy and Hate –

Success and beauty,

can’t appreciate.

Gleefully you’ll dish it out

Read into pictures or a pout

What’s not your business leave it be.

You’re invading peoples’ privacy.




Send out hate and hate returns

The more you envy the more it burns

On insecurities does she feed

You cannot satisfy insatiable greed.




Forget the  jealousy, forget the hate

Don’t give those two the time to mate.

Feel inspired. Follow your dream.

Doesn’t that a better use of one’s time seem?