That it were sudden or prolonged.

Whichever the case, we all feel wronged.

I miss the person you were.

Full of light, laughter and love.



To be the victim,

Or the survivor

To be the patient,

or the carer –

Neither is worse neither is better.



It’s difficult to bear the illness that found you

The illness you did nothing to deserve.

You lived your life as best you could –

Worked your hardest, gave it your all.



It’s difficult to be left behind

Not get a chance to say goodbye.



It’s difficult to sit and watch

The person you love

Fade day by day into a shadow of what once was.

Forget what they sounded like when they laughed.



Sharp words when they can be spoken

I want to fix what is broken.



A burden you are to me

As i was to you.

The roles reversed

One thing stays true.



I. love. you.