Kate Nash’s song inspired me to take this picture. The following lyrics really got me thinking..



“This is my face

Covered in freckles

With the occasional spot

And some veins”


In today’s world.. superficiality is something that is encouraged.

Kids as young as 10 are aware of how much importance their physical appearance is given. Facebook’s “like” option is testament to that fact. The “prettier” the picture .. the more “likes” you get. Who decides what is pretty and what is not? Society. Your friends. Family. And at times even strangers (depending on what sort of privacy settings you have)

Would a young person ever willingly take a picture of their face sans make up. Sans kaajal and eye liner – any product one would potentially use to “cover up” spots and freckles and old scars?

Who’s to say that that completely natural picture is not beautiful?


Kate Nash : Mouthwash