Beadbox is here! Finally!


What is Beadbox?


It’s a virtual playground for the designer in you! Use the beads provided to DESIGN YOUR VERY OWN EARRINGS!! If you really like it, buy it!! ¬†Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we will ensure you get your design by post!


It’s still in Beta though. Which means we are still improving various aspects of the experience for you. You can send us your feedback to help us with this process!


Some important points to note before you get your creative juices going:


+ All beads are in the left column, while all the findings¬†are in the right column. Findings are used to separate one bead from another! But you don’t necessarily have to use them.


+ There are some beads (look out for those with a * next to them) – which can only be used at the bottom of an earring design! Please keep this in mind while placing your orders!


+ First choose your budget! This is the amount you will pay for your earring if you choose to buy it (excluding the shipping and silver hook charges, if applicable)


+ You can change your budget later, but that will reset your design.


+ The Cost-o-meter bar will tell you how much of your budget you have used. Keep an eye on it while you choose beads and findings


+ Clicking on a bead or a finding in the columns will place the bead below the hook in the center. To remove the same, just click on the bead!


Once you are done designing your earring, there are two things you can do – Buy it! or Share it with other people! (we recommend BOTH… but if you can, PLEASE SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE!!)


How to buy your design:


– Once you are done, click on the button ‘Buy your design

– Fill in all your details carefully and press submit!

– On the next page you will see you earring design. If you’d like silver hooks, check on the option.

– Review all information on the page and then click ‘Buy Now’

– You will be directed to the secure online payment gateway. Once your transaction is successful, we will begin converting your design into reality! It will be shipped on the first Monday after the day you place the order!

– As of right now, you cannot pay for two or more Beadbox designs together. Every design has to be processed separately.

– We like to share all the designs our customers are making on our Facebook page! If you do not want that to happen, please do mention that in the remarks while filling out the form!


How to Share your design:


– The process here is similar to buying an earring but you just don’t have to click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.

– Enter all the information in the form provided. This information will not be saved but is required to authenticate a submission

– You can use the remarks field to add anything you’d like us to know before it is shared! Such as a name for your earring design or a description

– We will publish new submissions every weekend on our Facebook Page.