Credits For This Awesome Site

So the following people put this together! (Yes, they had separate parts of this website in their little minds, and they joined hands – or brains – to combine their super-awesome powers and build this super cool website). Please put your hands and feet together for,


Kirin McAwesome

The ENERGY behind the entire system. She makes the earrings, and then she makes the earrings-she-just-made into awesome.


Guneet Narula

The bloke who decided to visualize the awesomeness in Kirin’s mind. He is always trying to cope with the dopamine in her body. Stress is something he can tackle with the help of his good friends.


Samuel Thomas

The bloke’s good friend who actually made things work. Seriously, without him this universe might not have ever found balance. Also, he loves Kirin’s phone conversation abilities.


Gaurav Misra

The good man who decided to help the above three with his wisdom and laziness. They call him the logistics guy.


Cute Little Factory (Andrea Austoni)

For the awesome beer cap icons below!


Meredith Mandel at The League Of The Moveable Type

For the really cool font!

For the amazing open source platform


Takayuki Miyoshi

For the great WordPress contact form plugin


And in the end we must credit evolution for getting us to this stage.