June 18, 2013 | kirin

In an earlier post, I talked about how I enrolled in college again and how I had to wear a uniform and deal with rules I hadn’t had to deal with since school. One of these rules included entering the college gates by 8:45am -after which the gates would be shut and you would have …

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June 9, 2013 | kirin

Being underestimated is actually not such a bad thing. It works as a highly effective motivational trigger for me.   Whenever I know or FEEL like someone is underestimating me, I am like..         Then I put on my “operation kick underestimater’s ass” theme song and proceed to kick underestimater ass.   …

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May 19, 2013 | kirin

        That it were sudden or prolonged. Whichever the case, we all feel wronged. I miss the person you were. Full of light, laughter and love.     To be the victim, Or the survivor To be the patient, or the carer – Neither is worse neither is better.     It’s …

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Kirin goes back to College

May 3, 2013 | kirin

Going back to college after you think you’ve technically “finished” with formal education is never easy. Especially when the time you spent pursuing your undergrad degree was brilliant. In this article, I will try recounting what it felt like to go back to college – At the age of 24 – And not just any …

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Fall in Love with you :)

April 20, 2013 | kirin

Haha this is me being silly and attempting to cover one of my favorite songs…on the Ukulele Cliff Richard’s “Fall in Love with you” Forgive the mistakes. SPREAD THE LOVE. <3    

Lessons from Wiley E. Coyote

April 16, 2013 | kirin

    Everyone from a certain generation remembers watching the roadrunner show… The main theme of the show is basically the coyote tries to catch a super fast road runner and FAILS every time, regardless of whichever technologically “enhanced” (thanks Acme) harebrained scheme the coyote manages to come up with and try to implement.   …

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April 8, 2013 | kirin

        When you look at the primary use or function of a wall, it is glaringly obvious that a wall divides.  It separates one from another. Physically, mentally or physiologically – walls can be pretty formidable constructions.     Why are walls built anyway? I mean, why do we take so much …

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April 2, 2013 | kirin

For those who haven’t heard of him, he’s a street performer who travels around the world performing for the people. His preferred stage is the street. His skill and talent lies in being able to create live music having multiple layers, on the spot – using only his voice, live looping and effect pedals. TIGHT …

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March 16, 2013 | kirin

  I lived in the United Kingdom for a little over a year while I pursued a Master’s degree and shortly after I handed in my dissertation, I decided to do something tourist-y for ONCE in my life and visit Stratford Upon Avon with my sister and a friend of ours.   For those who …

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Gotye: Live in Concert – Stills

March 5, 2013 | kirin

<3 Last month i was lucky enough to watch Gotye live in concert… and what a concert it was. I raved about him in Last months’ blog. These pictures are just a glimpse of what went down that night. I am so glad he won at the Grammys.     The face!       …

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