Thermal and a Quarter

September 21, 2012 | kirin



I’ve been wanting to watch this band live for six years now… but for some reason, I was never able to make it for their gigs. I had to make do with watching Youtube videos, listening to their music online and one unlucky day, standing OUTSIDE a venue, listening to whatever music which happened to come drifting our way (the place was packed and they weren’t allowing any more people into the venue).


Last night, I FINALLY got to watch them live and it was WELL WORTH  the wait.


SUCH a TIGHT band with an amazing feel! I fell in love with Bruce Lee Mani’s guitar tone and winning smile radiating warmth from waaaaaay up on the stage! my hand would have fallen off in protest if it were made to play what he was playing! He said he had been suffering from laryngitis, but he still managed to KILL with his vocals and super melodic guitar solos! The bassist, Prakash K N totally pulled on my heart strings with his groovy bass playing (his tone.. oh. HIS TOOOOONE… I felt the bass in my HEART.) – Rajiv Rajagopal , the drummer , SO tight and CRISP and CLEAN with his playing! As for Michael Dias, their guest guitarist, he fit right in helping pack more PUNCH with the guitars and his lovely harmonies! (I liked the coordinated dance moves with Bruce Lee too!) :D The only complaint I had was that their time signatures and groove changes were so unexpected (and at the same time flowed so smoothly into one another) that my constant bobbing up and down to the music was thrown off and I often looked like i was having a seizure of some sorts in the middle of the song. At those times, I simply stood still and marvelled at their brilliance!


That high pitched idiot screaming every five minutes? Yep. That was me. Got a couple of stares every time I did so but HEY those people were just jealous they didn’t have the BRAINS to scream and hoooot in appreciation for the sheer awesomeness they were witness to!


I would HIGHLY recommend you:


1. Go buy their FIFTH album off flipkart NOOOOOW (and any other albums of theirs currently in stock)


2. Watch them LIVE the next time they play at a venue near YOU!


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